Daveed Diggs (Lafayett), Okieriete Onaodowan (Hercules Mulligan), Anthony Ramos (John Laurens) and Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton). (Hamilton Production Photos by Joan Marcus)

Review: Hamilton: An American Musical

Hamilton: An American Musical Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York WHO WAS ALEXANDER HAMILTON, the man on the 10-dollar bill, anyway? The 20-year-old whiz kid who helped George Washington run the American...

Déjà Vu: Does Disarmament Work?

AFTER NINE YEARS of negotiating, the United States, Iran and five other nations—Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia—signed an agreement in July in Vienna lifting international trade sanctions on...
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‘Unless we progress, we regress’

Eisenhower scholars have spent much of the past two decades correcting the record of his presidency, distorted by biased historians and antagonistic pundits. Ike’s legacy in civil rights is still the...

Déjà Vu: Ike’s Middle East Gambit

The United States is trying to make a deal with Iran, by which that country would guarantee to keep its nuclear program peaceful. After winding down the war in Iraq, American troops are back in that country to...

Déjà Vu: Taking It to the Streets

In the summer of 2014 the deaths of two black men in confrontations with police officers riveted the nation’s attention. In July Eric Garner, of Staten Island, N.Y., suffered a fatal heart attack while being...
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Washington’s First Thanksgiving

President George Washington happily agreed to Congress' request for a national day of thanksgiving in 1789. His opponents declared that he'd overstepped his constitutional bounds.
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LBJ’s ‘X’ File on Nixon’s Pre-Election Deal With Saigon

In an excerpt from Death Zones and Darling Spies, Beverly Keever explores new evidence that support her 1968 story for Christian Science Monitor that Richard Nixon secretly tried to scuttle President Johnson's peace talk plan days before the election
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Tiso in the Wolf’s Lair

Last time out we began a discussion of a seemingly insignificant event. Near the end of May 1944, Monsignor Jozef Tiso, the wartime leader of Slovakia, paid a visit to Adolf Hitler at the latter's headquarters...