The Confederacy Hard and straight facts on its founding ideals and its lasting legacy.

Jackie Robinson Takes the Field

Before breaking the big-leagues' whites-only barrier, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to play for the Dodgers' Montreal farm team in 1946, telling Robinson "I need a man that will take abuse and insults for his race."

The Cold War refers to the post-WWII period, but U.S.-Soviet relations entered the deep freeze with the 1919 American military intervention into Russia that really made the communists see red.


"I do not think he (the black man) is as capable of acquiring knowledge as the white man is."

A Defeated Robert E. Lee Testifies Before Congress

The USS Constitution's Last Hurrah

Constitution’s victory in February 1815 was more psychological than strategic. When combined with Andrew Jackson’s post-Ghent Treaty win at New Orleans, it signaled victory in the War of 1812 in the minds of Americans.


Tracing the evolutionary threads of holy war.

Frontline Fighters for the First Minimum Wage

Women textile workers in Massachusetts in 1911 earned about $6 a week for 50 hours and became the focal point of the struggle for a minimum wage in America.

It Was a Capitol Offense

While Americans went dry during Prohibition, Congressmen needed to go no farther than a Capitol office to order their favorite hooch from their very own bootlegger—the Man in the Green Hat!

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Thinking Outside the Gondola

A little more than two years after Felix Baumgartner’s highly publicized parachute jump from the Red Bull Stratos...

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The Wild West


Lone Star Hit Man Felix Jones

Convicted killer Felix Robert Jones hailed from the same Texas county and worked with the same partners in crime as paid assassin par excellence ‘Killin’ Jim’ Miller

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Bata Lockheed Electra

Many of us assume that corporate flying was developed by Texas oil barons and Midwestern entrepreneurs during the...