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1. During the Blitz this three letter acronym was used to label undetonated ordnance.


2. From 1912 to 1938 a US Army Infantry regiment garrisoned this Chinese city.


3. The US military helped celebrate Ho Chi Minh’s 77th birthday on 19 May 1967, by doing this.


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Fistfights, Heat Exhaustion and Not Enough Taters: What It Was Like at Gettysburg’s 50th Reunion

Aging vets faced a number of challenges at the 1913 reunion.

A few of the 55,000 veterans who attended the reunion disembark from their train and head for the largest veteran gathering in Gettysburg history. They are remarkably overdressed for the summer compared with current standards. Note the “OHIO” on the lead veteran’s hatband. (Library of Congress)

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