What happened on your birthday?

What’s Your Vietnam War Draft Lottery Number?

The Vietnam War draft lottery ran from 1969 to 1972. If you were born on September 28, would your number have been called?

  • Vietnam War 1969 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1970 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1971 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1972 Lottery

Read on to learn more about the Vietnam war draft lottery.

What happened today


On landing in Egypt, Pompey is murdered on the orders of Ptolemy.

Famous birthdays


Koko Taylor, blues singer.

more events on September 28

  • 2008

    SpaceX launches the first private spacecraft, Falcon 1.

  • 1996

    Afghanistan’s former president (1986-92) Mohammad Najibullah tortured and murdered by the Taliban.

  • 1995

    Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yasser Arafat sign an interim agreement concerning settlement on the Gaza Strip.

  • 1963

    Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art work Whaam!, depicting in comic-book style a US jet shooting down an enemy fighter, is exhibited for the first time; it will become one of the best known examples of pop art.

  • 1961

    Military coup in Damascus ends the Egypt-Syria union known as the United Arab Republic that was formed Feb. 1, 1958.

  • 1960

    Jennifer Rush, singer, songwriter (“The Power of Love”).

  • 1959

    Explorer VI, the U.S. satellite, takes the first video pictures of earth.

  • 1958

    France ratifies a new constitution.

  • 1943

    Winston “Win” Percy, three-time British Touring Car Champion, regarded by many as the World’s Number One Touring Car Driver

  • 1939

    Stuart Kauffman, theoretical biologist renowned for his work in studying the origin of life and origins of molecular organization.

  • Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union agree on a division of Poland; Warsaw surrenders to German troops.

  • 1938

    Koko Taylor, blues singer.

  • Ben E. King, lead singer of The Drifters and composer of “Spanish Harlem” and “Stand by Me.”

  • 1934

    Brigitte Bardot, French actress.

  • 1928

    Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin when he notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory; it remained for Howard Florey and Ernst Chain to isolate the active ingredient, allowing the “miracle drug” to be developed in the 1940s.