What happened on your birthday?

What’s Your Vietnam War Draft Lottery Number?

The Vietnam War draft lottery ran from 1969 to 1972. If you were born on June 26, would your number have been called?

  • Vietnam War 1969 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1970 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1971 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1972 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted

Read on to learn more about the Vietnam war draft lottery.

What happened today


Julia Gardiner and President John Tyler are married in New York City.

Famous birthdays


William P. Lear, American engineer and industrialist.

more events on June 26

  • 1993

    Roy Campanella, legendary catcher for the Negro Leagues and the Los Angeles Dodgers, dies.

  • 1975

    Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is convicted of election fraud.

  • 1971

    The U.S. Justice Department issues a warrant for Daniel Ellsberg, accusing him of giving away the Pentagon Papers.

  • 1963

    President John Kennedy announces “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall.

  • 1961

    A Kuwaiti vote opposes Iraq’s annexation plans.

  • 1951

    The Soviet Union proposes a cease-fire in the Korean War.

  • 1945

    The U.N. Charter is signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, California.

  • 1942

    The Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter flies for the first time.

  • 1931

    Colin Henry Wilson, British author (The Outsider).

  • 1926

    A memorial to the first U.S. troops in France is unveiled at St. Nazaire.

  • 1924

    After eight years of occupation, American troops leave the Dominican Republic.

  • 1918

    The Germans begin firing their huge 420 mm howitzer, “Big Bertha,” at Paris.

  • 1917

    General Pershing arrives in France with the American Expeditionary Force.

  • 1916

    Russian General Aleksei Brusilov renews his offensive against the Germans.

  • 1915

    Charlotte Zolotow, American children’s writer.