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World War II in Italy Online Reading

By Jim Heddlesten
5/27/2010 • Italy in WW2

If you’re interested in learning more about Italy’s role in World War Two, here is a list of Websites that are informative, well researched and interesting.

Commando Supremo Website
Comando Supremo: Italy at War
One of the most in-depth sites on Italy in WWII. This site features articles on political and military leaders, weapons, and events. This site is in English and includes a very active forum.

These articles on the Commando Supremo site are particularly recommended for a focused look at some of the most popular subjects related to Italy in World War II.

Benito Mussolini. Adored by Hitler, Benito Mussolini was the face of Italy just as Hitler was that of Germany. Benito Mussolini was the charismatic dictator of Italy who founded Fascism and coined the term “Axis.” This article gives you a great overview on how he rose to power during the March on Rome and his eventual downfall and assassination.

Operation Pedestal. Operation Pedestal was the most important convoy to set sail for Malta. Specifically because Malta was on the verge of losing all capability of resisting Axis air attacks. Read how Malta was resupplied despite the fury of the Italo-German forces attempt to stop it.

The Fall of British Somaliland. The war in East Africa is often overlooked when it comes to World War Two. This article provides details on the August 3rd, 1940 Italian invasion and conquest of British Somaliland.

Decima Flottiglia MAS. The original Navy SEALS, see why the British were nervously on guard of a surprise attack by the most effective and devastating branch of the Italian military of World War Two; the 10th Light Flotilla (or Xa Mas). These group of men were the founding fathers of elite naval assault units of today.

Aces of the Regia Aeronautica. A great article on the Italian aces of World War Two. See why hero worship was frowned upon by the Italian government and air kills were generally awarded to units rather than the individual. Great statistics included.

M.A.S and Midget Submarines in the Black Sea 1942-1943. Another interesting article in an area not often covered of World War II was the Italian naval actions in the Black Sea. This article provides interesting details on the Italian successes in the Black Sea following the specific request by German forces for Italian naval assistance in this area.

Amedeo Guillet. A great biography on the most decorated Italian soldier of World War Two. Amedeo Guillet thrived in making chaos for the Commonwealth forces in Italian East Africa. His effectiveness at giving the British forces a bloody nose was acknowledged by all. In fact, the British referred to him as the “Devil Commander.” This article gives a great insight to Amedeo Guillet’s success at insurgency, plus information on his civilian life as an Ambassador. This article was personally endorsed by Amedeo Guillet.

Other Resources on the Web
Armchair General Forum
A forum discussion on Italy in World War II

Just in Time
The “Desert Rats” attempt to block Italian troops near Beda Fomm

Battlefield Visit–Keren, Erirea
Site of the largest battle between the Italian Army and British Commonwealth in East Africa

World War II: North Africa Campaign
Brief summary of the campaign

Operation Barbarossa: Albano Castelleto Recalls His Time with the Voloire Regiment on the Russian Front
First-hand account of Italy’s elite mounted artillery regiment on the East Front

Italy’s Breda Ba.65 Ground-Attack Plane
Italy had some good aircraft; this wasn’t one of them

Battle of Cape Matapan: World War II Italian Naval Massacre
The battle that finished the Regia Marina

Joe Quattrone, Barber to Capitol Hill – Interview
The famed barber to Washington’s Capitol Hill elite talks about his childhood in WWII Italy

Regio Esercito
Although this site is in the Italian language, it provides a wealth of information on the Italian army during World War Two.

Regia Marina Italiana
A great site on the Italian navy during World War Two. Here you will find photos, in depth articles and technical details of the Italian Royal Navy.

Taranto’s Night
A detailed article on the Raid on Taranto. Read how the British were able to successfully damage several Italian capital warships while in port. It was the Raid on Taranto that showed the Japanese how to accomplish what they wanted to do at Pearl Harbor.

Italians in World War Two
A good, concise overview of the Italian forces in World War Two. The article debunks the myth of Italian cowardice, but provides details on the ineffective military leadership, poor weaponry and the unwillingness to fight in a very unpopular war.

The OSS and Italian Partisans in World War II
The discussion of Italian participation in World War II cannot be complete without mentioning the great contribution of Italian partisans in liberating Italy from German occupation. This article on the CIA website provides a great summary on how Italian partisans played an important role in driving the Germans out of Italy.

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    How many Italians serfved in U.S.S.R.?
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