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Other than the U.S., were there other allied nation planes involved in bombing mainland Japan during WWII?
Edith Chesshir




Dear Ms. Chesshir,

The only strategic bombing of the Japanese Home Islands was carried out by the U.S. Twentieth Air Force. Late in 1944 Royal Air Force Bomber Command began assembling a Very Long Range Bomber force, code-named Tiger Force, that would have operated Avro Lancasters and brand new Avro Lincolns from Okinawa, but the war ended before it had assembled all the Commonwealth squadrons intended (only the British ones were ready), and Tiger Force was disbanded on October 31, 1945. Soviet air activity was limited to tactical air support for its army in Manchuria and Korea, and the only British aircraft to strike at targets in the Home Islands came from the aircraft carriers of Task Force 57.



Jon Guttman

Research Director

World History

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