What happened on your birthday?

What’s Your Vietnam War Draft Lottery Number?

The Vietnam War draft lottery ran from 1969 to 1972. If you were born on September 11, would your number have been called?

  • Vietnam War 1969 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1970 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1971 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1972 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted

Read on to learn more about the Vietnam war draft lottery.

What happened today


General George Washington and his troops are defeated by the British under General Sir William Howe at the Battle of Brandywine in Pennsylvania.

Famous birthdays


D.H. Lawrence, English novelist (Lady Chatterley's Lover, Sons and Lovers).

more events on September 11

  • 2012

    US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is attacked and burned down; 4 Americans are killed including the US ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens.

  • 2007

    Russia detonates a nano-bomb; dubbed the “Father of All Bombs,” it is the largest non-nuclear weapon developed to date.

  • 2005

    Israel completes its unilateral disengagement of all Israeli civilians and military from the Gaza Strip.

  • 2001

    In an unprecedented, highly coordinated attack, terrorists hijack four U.S. passenger airliners, flying two into the World Trade Center towers in New York and one into the Pentagon, killing thousands. The fourth airliner, headed toward Washington likely to strike the White House or Capitol, is crashed just over 100 miles away in Pennsylvania after passengers storm the cockpit and overtake the hijackers.

  • 1974

    Haile Selassie I is deposed from the Ethiopian throne.

  • 1967

    Harry Connick Jr., Grammy and Emmy award-winning singer, musician, actor.

  • 1966

    Princess Akishino, nee Kiko Kawashima, wife of Prince Akishino, second son of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. She is only the second commoner to marry into Japan’s royal family.

  • 1965

    Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria since 2000.

  • The 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) arrives in South Vietnam and is stationed at An Khe.

  • 1962

    Thurgood Marshall is appointed a judge of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • 1944

    American troops enter Luxembourg.

  • 1940

    Theodore Olson, US Solicitor General under Pres. George W. Bush (2001-04).

  • Brian DePalma, film director (Dressed to Kill, Carlito’s Way)).

  • 1939

    Charles M. “Chuck” Geschke, co-founder of Adobe Systems, Inc.

  • 1937

    Robert L. Crippen, US Navy captain, astronaut; former director of Kennedy Space Center.