What happened on your birthday?

What’s Your Vietnam War Draft Lottery Number?

The Vietnam War draft lottery ran from 1969 to 1972. If you were born on May 12, would your number have been called?

  • Vietnam War 1969 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1970 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted
  • Vietnam War 1971 Lottery
  • Vietnam War 1972 Lottery
    Not CalledNot drafted

Read on to learn more about the Vietnam war draft lottery.

more events on May 12

  • 1975

    The U.S. merchant ship Mayaguez is seized by Cambodian forces.

  • 1969

    Viet Cong sappers try unsuccessfully to overrun Landing Zone Snoopy in Vietnam.

  • 1949

    The Berlin Blockade ends.

  • 1943

    Axis forces in North Africa surrender.

  • 1942

    The Soviet Army launches its first major offensive of the war, taking Kharkov in the eastern Ukraine.

  • 1940

    The Nazi conquest of France begins with the crossing Musee River.

  • 1936

    Frank Stella, painter.

  • Tom Snyder, newscaster and television host.

  • 1935

    Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio by “Bill W.,” a stockbroker, and “Dr. Bob S.,” a heart surgeon.

  • 1933

    Andrei Andreyevich Voznesensky, Russian poet.

  • 1932

    The body of Charles Lindbergh’s baby is found.

  • 1926

    The Airship Norge becomes the first vessel to fly over the North Pole.

  • 1925

    Yogi Berra (Lawrence Peter Berra), baseball player and coach.

  • 1921

    Farley Mowat, Canadian nature writer (Never Cry Wolf).

  • 1915

    Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics.

  • 1907

    Katherine Hepburn, actress (The Philadelphia Story, The African Queen).

  • 1885

    In the Battle of Batoche, French Canadians rebel against the Canadian government.

  • 1881

    Tunisia, in North Africa becomes a French protectorate.

  • 1865

    The last land battle of the Civil war occurs at Palmito Ranch, Texas. It is a Confederate victory.

  • 1864

  • 1863

    With a victory at the Battle of Raymond, Mississippi, Union General Ulysses S. Grant closes in on Vicksburg.

  • 1851

    The Tule River War ends.

  • 1828

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti, English poet and painter.

  • 1820

    Florence Nightingale, English nurse and hospital reformer.

  • 1816

    Edmund Beckett Grimthorpe, lawyer and architect.

  • 1812

    Edward Lear, poet, painter and the youngest of 21 children.

  • 1780

    Charleston, South Carolina falls to British forces.

  • 1641

    The chief advisor to Charles I, Thomas Wentworth, is beheaded in the Tower of London

  • 1588

    King Henry III flees Paris after Henry of Guise triumphantly enters the city.

  • 254

    St. Stephen I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.