Today in History: December 16

Today in History:December 16

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Henry VI of England is crowned King of France.


Oliver Cromwell takes on dictatorial powers with the title of "Lord Protector."


To protest the tax on tea from England, a group of young Americans, disguised as Indians, throw chests of tea from British ships in Boston Harbor.


A fire in New York City destroys property estimated to be worth $20,000,000. It lasts two days, ravages 17 blocks, and destroys 674 buildings including the Stock Exchange, Merchants' Exchange, Post Office, and the South Dutch Church.


Confederate General Joseph Johnston takes command of the Army of Tennessee.


Union forces under General George H. Thomas win the battle at Nashville, smashing an entire Confederate army.


Members of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (CU) testify at a congressional hearing to add an amendment for women's right to vote.


Germany mounts a major offensive in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium. As the center of the Allied line falls back, it creates a bulge, leading to the name, the Battle of the Bulge.


Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-tung is received at the Kremlin in Moscow.


President Harry Truman declares a state of National Emergency as Chinese communists invade deeper into South Korea.


President Jimmy Carter appoints Andrew Young as Ambassador to the United Nations.


Cleveland becomes the first U.S. city to default since the depression.


The United States launches a missile attack on Iraq for failing to comply with United Nations weapons inspectors.


President George W. Bush signs the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which establishes the United States' first national standards regarding email and gives the Federal Trade Commission authority to enforce the act.