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Has there ever been a motion picture depicting Operation Halyard produced?

L.T. Ricamore



Dear Mr. Ricamore,

Operation Halyard, the evacuation of as many as 512 downed Allied aircrewmen from behind German lines with the aid of Dragoljub Mihailovic’s Serbian Royalist Chetniks between August 9 and December 27, 1944, was long kept a repressed secret, more as a diplomatic sop to Mihailovic’s rival in the area, Josip Broz, aka Marshal Tito, to whom the Allies ultimately committed themselves, than against the Germans. In the wake of the disintegration of Yugoslavia, surviving participants in the operation unveiled a commemorative plague at Pranjani, the principal town from which the vast majority of evaders were airlifted, on September 12, 2004. To the best of my knowledge, however, there has yet to be any film, American, Serbian or otherwise, that has been released on the subject.




Jon Guttman
Research Director
World History Group

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