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Dresden: The Inferno (2006)

Director: Roland Suso Richter, 180 minutes, Color, German

The first fictional film made in Germany to face the ongoing debate, Inferno Festival in fall 2006, then aired on Ger- was screened at the Berlin Film Dresden: The man TV in March 2007. While it portrays horrendous suffering among the city’s civilians, it also shows Dresden to be the home of a major Gestapo headquarters and a poison-gas factory, and a key supply hub for the Eastern Front. A love story (a downed British pilot is hidden by a German nurse) threads the scarifying narrative (people leaping from burning buildings, old women begging soldiers to shoot them, Nazis shooting looters and overseeing concentration camp prisoners during the post-bombing cleanup). Costing $11.9 million, Dresden: The Inferno is the most expensive German TV film ever produced, and will be marketed to worldwide audiences.


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