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Rail cars were indispensable to the German army when used for moving military troops and supplies— and, of course, moving souls to concentration camps. But despite the historical importance of military rail transport, until now there has been a noticeable absence of rail kits. Enter LZ Models, a “cottage industry” manufacturer that has recently burst onto the model scene with a collection of beautifully crafted resin kits. The G10 kit contains 180 resin parts, 180 photo-etched parts, brass rod, styrene strip, and markings for three cars, including a postwar variant. The instructions are provided on a CD with construction images and notes in PDF format.

The quality and detail of the cast parts is simply excellent, with not a single air hole or warp. The etched parts are also well crafted. If you have never looked at the underside of a rail car, you will be surprised to find what a busy place it is. It is here that the majority of the construction is centered as you re-create the myriad fittings, brake lines, cables, and rods found on these cars. The upper side of the car is constructed from larger resin panels with the familiar planking detail featured on both the inside and out. The sliding doors on either side can be fixed in either the open or closed position. The arched roof is comprised of five sections fit end to end and then caps the side walls. The later stages of construction focus on adding the exterior fittings, handles, and steps to the car.

LZ Models has crafted a brilliant kit— it’s that simple. However, it is important to note that these kits are not intended for the inexperienced builder. The underside of the car is very complex, and requires a high degree of modeling skill. Also, the instructions can be confusing at times (I found this especially true in the construction of the side door slide railings). Regardless, this is an excellent kit of an important subject.


Originally published in the April 2012 issue of World War II. To subscribe, click here.