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The Battle of the Alamo took place from Feb. 23, 1836, to March 23 of that year, and what remains of the Franciscan mission-turned-fort has been a perennial summer vacation spot for decades. Of course, the battle ended in defeat and death for all 200 of the Alamo’s defenders, including congressman Davy Crockett. But the fight played a role in eventual Texas’ independence from Mexico.

The battle has attained a mythic status, helped by a number of movies and several books. But over the years the mission’s popularity, even though little of it remains in San Antonio, has almost worked against it as crass commercialism has intruded on the historical site. Fortunately, Texas has launched a 500-million-dollar initiative to restore the location, ensuring it will remain a valuable historic vacation spot for years to come. So what historic sites will you see this summer? Let me know at! 

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