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Call of Juarez

Wild West Rating: ****(Four stars out of five), Release date: June 2007,Rated Mature,Genre: First-Person Shooter, Publisher: ubisoft, Developer: Techland, $59.99, Formatted for Xbox 360,PC.

 Legend tells of a cursed treasure buried somewhere near the border town of Juarez, Mexico. All who seek to claim it find only a covetous madness that has come to be known as “the call of Juarez.” Caught in the midst of this legend are Billy Candle, a young mischievous man who goes on the run when he finds himself accused of murder, and the Rev. Ray McCall, an aging outlaw-turned-priest who believes the Almighty has chosen him to dispatch the wicked. You play as both characters—each with his own distinct style of game play and abilities.

The strengths of Call of Juarez lie in the game’s superb graphics and intermingling storylines. The landscape of the Old West is breathtaking. But with clunky controls, obscure mission objectives and tedious linear missions, Call of Juarez falls a little short of its full potential. Nevertheless, there is enough rip-roaring fun to satisfy any armchair gunslinger.


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