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‘I Will Fight to the Last’
Edited by Jack H. McCall Jr.
A junior army officer’s diary provides a Japanese view of World War II’s harsh island combat.

‘I Have Taken a Dreadful Step’
by John M. Taylor
Former cavalry officer Jonathan Wainwright sank to unimaginable depths when compelled to surrender American forces in the Philippines to the Japanese.

Personal Perspectives on Peleliu
by Matthew Stevenson
A son’s journey to this remote Pacific battlefield helped him better understand his father’s role in one of World War II’s bloodiest encounters.

Patrolling Guadalcanal
by William H. Whyte
As a young American officer, a future best-selling author learned a lot about his Japanese opponents, the Marine Corps, and himself.

Experience of War: Raid on Makin
by Patrick K. O’Donnell

Trial by Fire at Coral Sea
by Joseph H. Alexander
In the spring of 1942 Adm. Chester Nimitz was a relatively untried commander who was forced to match the battered remnants of the U.S. Pacific Fleet against an opponent flush with victory.

Fall of the Gibraltar of the East
by David Alan Johnson
In only 70 days, Japanese troops on bicycles sidestepped static defenses to capture the Malay Peninsula, and in an audacious ruse convinced the British to surrender Singapore.

Worth the Cost?
by Robert S. Burrell
After a staggering loss of life on Iwo Jima, American military leaders scrambled to justify the invasion.
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Besieged on the Rock
by Jack McClure
Pressed into duty as a marine during the 1942 siege of Corregidor, U.S. Navy Supply Ensign Jack McClure had to quickly decide whether to follow orders or save a life.


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