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After the Battle of Manassas, when Confederate Gen. Joseph Johnston moved a major part of his army to Centreville, Va., he took up headquarters, here, in the house of Alexander Spotswood Grigsby, one of Centreville’s leading businessmen.

It was often referred to as the “Four Chimney House.” You can see why. It’s also significant as the spot where famed Partisan Ranger, John S. Mosby met Gen. J.E.B. Stuart for the first time.

By 1901, it was abandoned and by 1921, it had collapsed, with only three of the four famous chimneys still standing. The foundation stones were moved for other purposes when Route 28 was widened in the 1940s and some of the stones were used to construct the building that until recently held the Stuart-Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum in historic Centreville. 

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