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U.S. National Archives collection. Regularly updated content from the National Archives’ World War II film collection currently includes newsreels of West Point cadets on their way to war, American troops on the Alaskan front, and a secret visit to Washington by Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov in 1942.

WWII: The Lost Color Archives. A five-part series from the History Channel with startling color footage of an enormous range of World War II scenes. Called WWII: The Lost Color Archives, the program first aired in 2000.

Was World War II unnecessary? In a 40-minute interview, Victor Davis Hanson, an American historian, and Christopher Hitchens, a British journalist, tackle revisionist claims that World War II was “unnecessary.” The two historians disagree specifically with Patrick Buchanan’s recent book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War.

Prelude to War, the first film in Frank Capra’s Academy Award–winning Why We Fight propaganda series, is available for online viewing in six parts.

The Aztec Eagles. A short documentary featuring interviews with some of the surviving members of the Aztec Eagles, the only Mexican military unit to fight overseas during World War II. The Mexican Air Force pilots flew P-47s in the Pacific in 1945.