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  • MHQ Magazine

    The Athenian Century

    For the better part of a hundred years, Athens commanded an empire to be reckoned with. But the Parthenon and every other emblem of the polis's greatness rested on a watery foundation: the navy...

  • MHQ Magazine

    The End of Athens

    A demagogue, a treacherous ally, and a brutal Roman general destroyed the city-state—and democracy—in the first century BC. Two scenes from Athens in the first century BC: Early summer, 88 BC A cheering crowd surrounds the envoy...

  • America's Civil War Magazine

    The Sack of Athens

    As war progressed, the niceties of ‘conciliation’ were ignored. The men of Russia’s Don Cossack cavalry long enjoyed the reputation of being among the world’s most brutal and effective soldiers, and one of them, burly, bearded Ivan...

  • Military History Magazine

    Beware the Furies

    The fortunes of war are hardest on the vanquished, but for a cadre of Athenian commanders during the Peloponnesian War, victory proved fatal. Present-day Greece may be beset with problems, but the nation is stable in comparison to its...

  • MHQ Dossier

    From the Dossier: Pericles

    Notes on the life and legacy of Pericles, renowned commander and orator of ancient Greece...

  • MHQ Reviews, Reviews

    Book Review: The First Clash

    Debra Hamel says Jim Lacey brings practical experience to his new book on the Battle of Marathon. ...