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Fury in Vermont
by Ron Soodal
Spies and robbers. Intrigue and deception. The raid on St. Albans had all the elements of a big-budget adventure flick.

A Tall Tale of Chickamauga
by Gordon Berg
Why let a few little facts get in the way of a really good story?

Sweet Subversive Scribes
by Tamela Baker
And you thought those other Dixie chicks weren’t ready to make nice.

Rebelling Against the Rebellion
by Sally Jenkins and John Stauffer
Being from Mississippi doesn’t necessarily mean a guy looks good in gray.

Peace in the Valley
by Jonathan A. Noyalas
Sheridan’s troops head to Virginia for a slightly different kind of campaign

Deepening Divisions—Timeline

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Open Fire!

Anecdotes, Legends & Lies

The Gathering Storm





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