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Famed actress and entertainer of troops in Vietnam, Ann-Margret, has shared some exciting news with Vietnam magazine: she has created a new limited-edition perfume and 100% of the proceeds are going to benefit the Vietnam veterans she dearly loves. 

“My dear friend Justin Chambers, of Grey’s Anatomy, has wanted to make a fragrance for me for a long while – since we worked together. So it’s a project that’s been on the drawing board,” Ann-Margret told Vietnam magazine in an interview. “When he suggested it benefit the veterans, that was a slam dunk for me.”  

“I absolutely adore the fragrance. We worked on the actual fragrance for a year before we selected this special scent. It has notes of gardenia and jasmine and ylang ylang.”  

All proceeds will be donated to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.  

“I’ll be wearing it,” Ann-Margret said. “You can count on that!”  

More details about the perfume can be found on Look out for our interview with Ann-Margret in an upcoming issue of Vietnam magazine!     

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