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Charles Town, West Virginia
October 8, 1862

Dear Wife,

I seat myself to write you a few lines to inform you how I am. I wrote to you and Father some time ago, but I did not know whether you received it or not. I thought I would write again.

I am very poorly at this time. I have been wounded in my left leg. Since I have been wounded I have taken sick and I am notable to help myself, but I hope when these few lines come to hand they may find you well and happy. I would be very glad for you to send after me if it is possible for you to do so. For I am here and out of money. I can’t help myself and if you please send after me, for I have lost everything I had. I could go home on furlough if I had the money to pay my way. It will be sometime before I am able to do duty, and I think if I was at home I would soon get well. I think if I have to stay here to get well, it will be some time before I get well enough to do duty. I am out of clothes for the winter if I should get able to wear them.

I would be glad to see you and the children. I am in a little town called Charles Town in the hospital in an old hotel close to the old courthouse where old John Brown was hung. Close to Harpers Ferry. I want you to send after me, let it cost what it will for I will pay anything to get home and get my strength and health back one more time. Well, that is about all at this time. I will close by saying send after me if you please and give my love to Father and brothers, friends and acquaintances, but keep a portion for yourself.

Yours truly until death,
D.R. Chandler

It is about one hundred and seventy miles from here to Richmond and if you send after me you must come to Winchester and get conveyance to come here.