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P. 24, Field Guide

The complete text of Shepherdstown resident Mary Bedinger Mitchell’s “A Woman’s Recollection of Antietam” can be found in Battles and Leaders of the Civil War, Vol. II, originally published be­tween 1884 and 1887. Numerous reprints are available.

P. 45, Feathered Warriors

Read more about the 83rd Pennsylvania: • History of the Pennsylvania Volun­teers: 1861-1865, by Samuel P. Bates • Regimental Losses in the Civil War, by William Freeman Fox

P. 48, ’A White Man’s War’

On January 12, 1865, four days before General William Sherman issued Special Field Orders No. 15, he and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton met with some 20 black ministers and lay leaders in Savannah, Ga., to discuss their future. Read the minutes of that meeting online at the digital archive of the Freedmen and Southern Society Project.

P. 54, A Brit Rates Our Generals

Read other works by John Keegan: • A History of Warfare, Vintage • The Mask of Command, Penguin • Fields of Battle: The Wars for North America, Vintage • The Face of Battle, Penguin