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In its earliest forms, history was storytelling: members of a clan or tribe gathered around a campfire, listing to elders relate tales of hunts and battles; later, bards created songs about heroes and great events and spread them as they traveled. Those who heard these stories or songs were entertained while they learned, and the voice of the storyteller or singer was part of the experience.

That same kind of experience is now available through HistoryNet‘s exciting new series of podcasts featuring exclusive, informal interviews with leading authors, veterans, artifact collectors, and game designers discussing technology, tactics, personal experiences and more. You’ll learn some surprising information about history, from ancient times to today’s conflicts.

Our first podcast presentation features one of the last interviews ever recorded with the late Jacques Littlefield, who restored historic military vehicles until his death in January 2009. Authors and filmmakers utilized his expertise in their research. Even the U.S. military brought troops to see his collection prior to the First Gulf War to help them improve enemy vehicle identification skills!

Click here to listen to Jacques Littlefield’s interview.