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Scott brothers produce Gettysburg film for History channel

The famed filmmaking Scott brothers—Ridley (Gladiator; Black Hawk Down; American Gangster) and Tony (Unstop­pable; Man on Fire; Top Gun)—have teamed with the cable channel History to produce Gettysburg, a new feature-length film the network promises will strip away the romanticized veneer of war and present the engagement as “a visceral, terrifying experience.”

“The Civil War is arguably one of the most critical events in our nation’s history, and one to which History has been dedicated since our inception,” Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of History, said in a release. “Our four-year commitment to the Civil War, highlighting the 150th anniversary and the key battles and people who fought during that conflict, underscores our deep devotion to the genre…. To kick off this epic programming event, I can think of no better and more amazing, awe-inspiring storytellers than Tony and Ridley Scott.”

In addition to the initial showing of Gettysburg, History will air Civil War–themed episodes of the trash-or-treasure shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers, as well as the two-hour special Grant & Lee, a look at the war’s two iconic generals. The network is also launching a four-year national education campaign.

Air dates to be announced.