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West Front Battle Pack I, TalonSoft, Windows 95/98 CD-ROM ($29.95).

West Front Battle Pack I, a Windows 95/98 CD-ROM ($29.95) is TalonSoft’s extension of West Front, its World War II platoon-level simulation of combat in Western Europe. Battle Pack includes the latest update to the original West Front game (which is required to play).

Battle Pack features 50 scenarios, ranging all over the European Theater of Operations, including the Mediterranean, North Africa and Greece. Examples include fighting at Salerno, Arnhem and St. Vith. Four new linked campaign games are included, allowing the user to command German forces in North Africa, supervise the Normandy campaign or fight with the 101st Airborne Division at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

Additional weapons include many hypothetical ones that never left the prototype stage or were put into very limited production, such as the Panther II, Panther F and Maus supertank.

The West Front Battlepack is an excellent addition to an already superior game, allowing campaign designers more opportunities to re-create their favorite battles or come up with exciting “what if” scenarios. The addition of so many scenarios means that West Front will continue to be fresh and exciting for a long time to come, especially with the promise of new materials and continued support from TalonSoft.

Michael Breen