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WarBirds 2.5, Interactive Magic Online, $1.99 per hour.

WarBirds 2.5 (from Interactive Magic Online, $1.99 per hour) is primarily an online simulation, meaning that users compete with others via an Internet connection rather than against the computer-controlled opponent. Dozens of online users form squadrons and re-enact battles with the WWII aircraft.

This latest version of WarBirds rises above its competitors by offering among the most realistic flight models available in commercial PC software. The graphics now take advantage of 3-D video cards and sport beautiful aircraft artwork and special effects like sun glare and engine smoke. The main WarBirds competitor, Air Warrior 3.0, still leads the way in variety, as it allows users to man ground vehicles and play in arenas including World War I and Korean scenarios. WarBirds continues to rank high in terms of air-to-air combat. The overall gameplay is outstanding, since WarBirds players excel in virtual dogfights and prove formidable competition.

Requires a Pentium 90, 32MB RAM, and Windows 95.

Bernard Dy