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Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command 1939­99, DOS-based CD-ROM, Strategic Simulations, Inc., $44.99.

Computer captains, majors and colonels longing for a brigade or division command will welcome the latest installment of SSI’s Steel Panthers series. Combining the talents of strategic simulations veterans Gary Grigsby and Keith Brors, Steel Panthers III offers the same easy-to-use interface as its predecessors, but with hexes now scaled at 200 yards, the squads of Steel Panthers I and II have been replaced by platoon-sized units.

Beyond the expanded scale, Steel Panthers III offers new graphics and minimovie cut-scenes, plus the game comes with six campaigns (three World War II and three post­World War II) and 40 individual scenarios. The CD-ROM includes hypothetical battles such as NATO 1998 and Holy War 1999, a random scenario generator and supporting weapon and unit information for 20 World War II nations and 40 postwar nations. If you enjoyed your appointment as company commander in Steel Panthers I and II, you will revel in your promotion to digital general in Steel Panthers III.

David Christopher Baker