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We have another golden nugget from Gene Frederickson’s Brown Water Productions. The first was River Patrol: The Gamewardens of Vietnam, the comprehensive documentary on Task Force 116 and the heroic gamewardens of Vietnam(see the February 1995 Vietnam). This new 30-minute color VHS video, titled PBR! Into Action With The Mark II River Patrol Boat, is about the river patrol boat itself, and how, for more than a quarter of a century, from the Mekong Delta to Desert Storm, this one class of small, rugged combat craft has come to symbolize the heroism and dash of the U.S. Navy’s elite special boat units.

With commentary by Bob Monzingo, a PBR (patrol boat, river) squadron officer in Vietnam, the video takes viewers on an inspection tour aboard the PBRs of the U.S. Navy’s Special Boat Unit 11 for an up-close look at the combination of weapons,armor and equipment that turned a civilian cabin cruiser into one of the most respected men-of-war in the history of the U.S.Navy. The evolution of the patrol boats, from the Mark I through the Mark V, and the latest in riverine warfare technology are included in this unique video.
Commander Kirk Ferguson

produced by Gene Frederickson Brown Water Productions/Historical Ordnance Video, Moreno Valley, Calif., (VHS video) $19.95 plus $4.00 shipping.