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Great Naval Battles IV: Burning Steel, 1939-1942, by SSI (800-601-7529, is a DOS-based CD-ROM for $55 that lets you control the British, German, French, Italian or Russian fleets throughout Europe from the start of WWII. All major Allied and Axis ships vital to the outcome of World War II are yours to command–more than 130 ships and scores of aircraft open the way for you to rewrite naval history.

A random battle generator lets you create unlimited conflict, from small surface engagements to full-blown carrier task force battles. Don’t expect to master this game quickly, however, as you may find yourself referencing the instruction book frequently. And note that it is still DOS based and will require 14 megs of your hard-disk space. Don’t let these minor issues dissuade you–Great Naval Battles IV is an excellent simulation and a good gaming value. Jay C. LaBarge