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F-22 Lightning II, a CD-ROM for $49.95 from NovaLogic, Inc., 26010 Mureau Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302

F-22 Lightning II is a jet fighter simulation game that provides the user with an authentic fixed-wing fighter that is fun to fly and easier to control than many flight simulation games on 20th-century aircraft. The game employs the latest technology to create a more intense and focused flying and battle experience.

F-22 Lightning II features vivid 3-D landscapes and multiplayer capabilities, supports Dolby Surround Sound and is based on the U.S. Air Force’s actual F-22 test aircraft. NovaLogic’s new polygon engine gives F-22 Lightning II a distinctive look and offers players highly detailed 3-D environments in which to fly. Multiple terrains include lushly rendered jungles, deserts, islands and coastline scenery, with mission scenarios during the day, at dusk, sunset and night.

F-22 Lighting II is based on documentation from Lockheed-Martin, part of the defense contractor team responsible for designing and building the real F-22. The game features authentic displays and readouts that operate just like the real equipment. Pitch and roll rates were tested by Marine and Air Force pilots for accuracy. The highly detailed aircraft modeling includes such features as retractable landing gear and operable weapons bay doors, flaps and airbrakes. And with the variety of camera angles available, players can pan around the inside of the cockpit, switch to an external camera to see the external aircraft views, or choose a chase camera, missile camera or target camera. For multiplayer applications, this game features the ability to play from a single CD.

Jay LaBarge