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East Front II, Windows 95/98 CD-ROM, Pentium 133, 32 MB RAM $49.95, TalonSoft Software.

Historical detail and realism are East Front II’s strongest assets. The playable nationalities, including minor Axis powers such as Romania and Hungary, and their available units are extensive. Unit information is clear, concise and informative. Command and logistics emphasize the actual battlefield formations. The reliance on an overall action point system instead of separate fire and movement points allows for a more accurate portrayal of the ebb and flow of combat.

A flexible and powerful interface gives players their choice in combining keyboard, mouse and menu commands, as well as providing all the information necessary to fight. The accompanying manual is well-written, and there are a number of tutorial scenarios. East Front II will not get old quickly, with more than 150 scenarios, two types of campaign games and a battle generator as well as a scenario editor. Many different play modes are supported, including LAN, Internet, modem, e-mail and hotseat.

TalonSoft has improved an already great game with better graphics and playability and more scenarios. This is one of the best World War II simulations on the market and should be in every gamer’s collection.

Michael Breen