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Blue vs. Gray, Q.E.D. Games, 800-385-5117, or, $9.95; and Dixie: Bull Run-1861 or Dixie: Shiloh-1862, Columbia Games, Inc., P.O.B. 3457, Blaine, WA 98231, or, $8 per deck.

War is an organized bore,” Union Lieutenant Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., once said. Modern enthusiasts of Civil War strategy games may see things just a bit differently, however. The historical gaming field continues to expand year by year, and there is no sign that the passion for such gaming will subside anytime soon.

Two of the latest en-trants into the arena of historical gaming are the card games Blue vs. Gray, and Dixie: Bull Run-1861 and Shiloh-1862.

The full Blue vs. Gray set includes 78 Union and Confederate cards. The cards feature photographs of soldiers and a fair amount of information about battles, important events in the war, and orders of battle. This game would be particularly appealing to those who enjoy seeing authentic images of the war.

The Dixie series is, like Blue vs. Gray, designed for two players. The cards feature color artwork representing the various units and generals who fought at First Bull Run and at Shiloh.

Both games include everything needed to play except dice. They will interest both the Civil War enthusiast and the general history buff alike.

Eric Ethier