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Readers may remember the review of MicroProse’s 1942: The Pacific Air War flight simulation software in the September 1995 Aviation History. The company has now released the product, which was at first available only on floppy disk, on CD-ROM with some additions. The Windows-based simulation software now includes the capability of playing via modem with others, new aircraft types andnew missions in the Philippine Islands and New Guinea. Also noteworthy are the historical items added to the package. TheCD-ROM includes an on-line encyclopedia of important aircraft, ships and personnel from the WWII Pacific battles. Videoclips illustrate some of the warbirds in action and teach combat maneuvers. Perhaps the most interesting of these items are thevoice-narrated animations describing fleet and air action in such pivotal conflicts as Coral Sea and Midway. The added materials are hardly extensive enough to serve as a true reference tool, but are well presented and appropriate forthe product. If readers already own the floppy disk release of 1942, purchasing the gold edition may not be worthwhile. Forfirst-time buyers, however, the CD-ROM version is definitely a richer product.Bernard Dy

MicroProse, Hunt Valley, Md., 1995, $59.95.