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A salute, of sorts, to iconic military headgear.

IN THE BEGINNING OF The Little Prince, A FANCIFUL children’s fable for adults, the pioneering French Aviator and author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry asks: “Why should anyone be afraid of a hat?” The hats shown in these pages–from one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s 120-odd bicorns to the camo-wrapped, name-banded Kevlar helmet worn by U.S. Army general Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. during Operation Desert Storm–may help answer the question. But the bottom line surely is this: If clothes make the man, hats–as often as not–make the soldier. 




This article appears in the Summer 2018 issue (Vol. 30, No. 4) of MHQ—The Quarterly Journal of Military History with the headline: Hats Off!