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Oscar-winning epic about black soldiers in the Civil War will be re-released July 24

Thirty years ago, the Oscar-winning epic Glory was released to critical and public acclaim. The iconic Civil War film, directed by Edward Zwick, told the story of 54th Massachusetts Infantry, a Union regiment comprised of black soldiers.

Denzel Washington won an Supporting Actor Oscar for his powerful performance as former slave Private Trip. Matthew Broderick starred as Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, the regiment’s commander—by law, black regiments could only be led by white men—and co-stars Morgan Freeman, Cary Elwes, Andre Braugher, and Jihmi Kennedy all turned in celebrated performances.

Historian James M. McPherson said at the time of the film’s release that Glory “accomplished a remarkable feat in sensitizing a lot of today’s black students to the role that their ancestors played in the Civil War in winning their own freedom.”

To mark the 30th anniversary, the film is coming to the big screen in 600 movie theaters through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network on July 24, 2019, as part of Turner Classic Movie’s Big Screen Classics Series; a complete list of locations and times is at

For those who can’t make it to the movie theater, the film will debut on 4K Ultra HD disc and in 4K with HDR via participating digital platforms on July 30.

In addition to the film’s anniversary, the July release date is a nod to the 156th anniversary of the Second Battle of Fort Wagner on July 18, 1863, the scene of the film’s emotional climax.