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Panzer Corps Wehrmacht, by Slitherine/Matrix Games, 2011, $40 (PC)

Panzer Corps Wehrmacht is a paean to the classic hex-based Panzer General series of the 1990s with several welcome updates. You’re a World War II German commander, guiding your combined forces across Europe. This update expands the roster of available units to 400 types in 19 classes, from basic infantry, tank, antitank and artillery units to tactical and strategic bombers and paratroopers. Another unique tweak is a branching campaign tree with more than two dozen scenarios. Achieve a fast and decisive victory, and the German high command will send you through a challenging branch of the campaign. Struggle and you will remain in training wheels—er, tracks.

Where Panzer Corps Wehrmacht falls short is in its failure to update the graphics or include battle animations. Thus its $40 price tag seems high. That said, it does capture the feel of its predecessor and will appeal to those trying to experience a bit of nostalgia amid all the visual noise.

—Ryan Burke