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Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, by Maximum Games, 2013, $19.99 (PlayStation 3, Windows/PC)

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers centers on the 1941–45 Pacific War, transporting players to Midway, Pearl Harbor and several other pivotal aerial conflicts. You may pilot planes for either the U.S. Navy or the Imperial Japanese Navy, which allows for a measure of historical revision. It also boosts the number of playable aircraft (fighters, bombers and torpedo bombers) to 13, as well as three aircraft carriers and 22 battleships.

Prior to each mission you choose your aircraft and outfit it as desired with guns and payload—a heavier payload will slow you down, while focusing too much on guns will hinder your ability to take out big targets. In arcade mode on-screen icons help guide your actions. Simulation mode places more of the control in your hands.

While marred by several bugs and simplistic AI in places, Pacific Carriers is one of few new historical air combat games on the console market and is compatible with both PlayStation Move and console flight sticks. Its online multiplayer mode should be a hit with armchair aces.

—Ryan Burke