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In Call of Duty: Ghosts, gamers get to have shootouts in space, shootouts on top of a speeding train … basically, just massive shootouts. Granted, any acquisition editor at Tor would laugh the single-player campaign into the trash, but who cares?

Some folks buy every new Call of Duty title for one reason: the multiplayer. In that regard, Ghosts won’t disappoint. While soldier “types” are no longer offered, players can build any soldier they like, including a female one. Using experience points and money earned online, they can then equip that soldier as they see fit.

Some of the game’s notable features include new matches, cooperative play and a magazine full of new maps. Additionally, a new squad mode lets players learn the game online without getting blasted to kingdom come.

While nothing here is groundbreaking, the game is good. In short, those who enjoy Call of Duty will like Ghosts.


ARMA Tactics moves the famed ARMA franchise into the realm of turn-based gaming. Players control a squad of modern soldiers armed with grenades, machine guns, M4 assault rifles and other weapons as they fight their way through a campaign against terrorism.

Before each scenario, players are briefed and allowed to kit up their troopers to suit their needs. Once the mission begins, the soldiers move and attack in turn-based combat. Each task performed by a soldier costs a certain number of action points. For instance, moving a short distance or snap firing costs one point each, while running a greater distance or aiming a weapon costs two points each.

Real tactics work well with this game. Players can scout with one soldier while leaving the rest of the team in overwatch to neutralize any threats he uncovers, or they can save their action points to fire on enemies that move during their turn. Players also can use accumulated experience points to level up their soldiers, upgrade their arsenals or gain access to sophisticated weaponry.

ARMA Tactics is a great game. It is available for PC, Mac , Linux, Android and iOS devices.


Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer, the second title in the Band of Brothers series, is a board game depicting squad-level combat during World War II. It covers fighting on the Eastern Front and adds elements such as German grenadiers, Russian T-34s and much more.

Ghost Panzer uses an innovative system that stresses suppressive fire and the effects of training and morale on the soldiers’ ability to carry out basic combat maneuvers. Its depiction of infantry combat is impressive, although its representation of armored warfare is less so.


Mark H. Walker is a retired U.S. Navy commander and the author of over 40 books, including three novels. Read his insights into gaming, writing and living at or

Originally published in the September 2014 issue of Armchair General.