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This Engels E6, Fokker Team Schorndorf's latest creation, is a faithful replica of the Fokker D.VIII. (Achim Engels)

Tucked away in the relative obscurity of Württemberg province in Germany, Engels Aeroplanbau, also known as Fokker Team Schorndorf, has undertaken one of the most ambitious aviation projects in recent history. Under the leadership of owner Achim Engels, the company is operating a small factory production line, producing full-scale airworthy replicas of German World War I aircraft.

Engels has gone to great lengths to use original Fokker production drawings, airworthiness testing specifications and period manufacturing techniques. The team recently rolled out its latest creation, a Fokker D.VIII replica. Its high quality is evident in its attractively handcrafted fuel tank, cockpit controls and seat, and five-color preprinted fabric, specially woven from a sample of original material. A recent influx of orders reflects the rising demand from New Zealand’s ever-expanding World War I historical organizations. Engels has numerous aircraft in production, including a Fokker Dr.I, Pfalz D.III, Fokker D.VII, Fokker E.III and Rumpler C.IV. More at