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Kilted Warriors: Music of the 79th New York Volunteer Infantry

CD by the 79th Regimental Band, Field Music and Bagpipes, Celtboy Records, Ltd,

The 79th New York Volunteer Infantry was primarily made up of Americans of Scottish descent, but its ranks were filled out with Irishmen. That Celtic emphasis was reflected in the regiment’s band, one of the most elaborate of its kind in the United States, which included four bagpipers.

The 79th’s musical offerings during the war covered a wide range, from patriotic recitations put to song to martial signals to Scottish airs dating to medieval times. Some of the pieces had Irish origins and were complemented by American folk, minstrel and other popular tunes of the time.

Kilted Warriors presents an informed selection of the 79th’s music, together with a booklet explaining the songs’ origins and context. It should be of interest to both hard-core Civil War buffs and reenactors.


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