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Breaking the Heartland: The Civil War in Georgia

Edited by John D. Fowler and David B. Parker; Mercer University Press

Of the 11 essays included in Breaking the Heartland, only one could be described as a military study. This  compendium mostly focuses on political and social issues in Georgia before, during and also, to some extent, after the war.

Support for the Confederate cause was far from uniform in Georgia, as reflected in contributions by Robert Scott Davis and David Williams, whose essays focus on dissent or disaffection in Pickens County and throughout the state. Joseph Reidy examines the family life of blacks and whites, and Jacqueline Jones chronicles the plight of African Americans in the state. Rounding out the collection, David B. Parker takes an interesting look at how Georgia attempted to depict the values promoted by the Confederacy in textbooks during the conflict.


Originally published in the February 2012 issue of Civil War Times. To subscribe, click here.