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Making its illustrated debut, World of Tanks: Rollout! is Dark Horse’s latest war comic book series. For gamers, World of Tanks is a familiar name. Spun off Wargaming’s popular massive multiplayer online games, these brightly illustrated issues feature accurately rendered tanks engaged in an actual World War II battle—along with lots of comic-book style sneering Germans and raging explosions.

Opening in post-D-Day Normandy, the story follows a British tank crew through war-torn France. The men soon encounter a formidable German panzer force, which leads to explosive battles, bloodied fighting, and, of course, tons of tanks. Readers unfamiliar with the games will still enjoy the action-packed series; four issues are out with a fifth on the way.

World of Tanks: Rollout! blends history, action, and fun; a winning combination for the tank, gaming, or World War II fan. —Rasheeda Smith is the associate editor of  World War II.


This review was originally published in the March/April 2017 issue of World War II magazine. Subscribe here.