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From the EditorCivil War Times


Things are changing fast at Civil War Times. It’s March 31–we have to prepare each issue well in advance of the time it actually reaches you–and spring has come on pretty suddenly here in central Pennsylvania. One day it was snowing and freezing cold. A few days later, we were putting screens in our windows at home.

But the weather isn’t the only abrupt change happening here. No, we’re also saying farewell to our art director, Reneé, who is leaving Civil War Times to accept a wonderful opportunity at another publication. We’re going to miss Reneé. Not only has she brought a strong and lively design style to our pages; not only has she put up with us persnickety editors; she is also a genuinely good person who is a delight to work with.

As soon as we find an art director who can measure up to the standard Reneé has set for us, I’ll introduce him or her to you. Right now, however, I have someone else I’d like you to meet: Eric Ethier, our new assistant editor. Jeff Clouser, who was with us for just over two years, left in December to become a daily newspaper reporter. We have been without an assistant editor ever since, but Eric will be joining us in time to help put out our next issue. Eric is an editor and a historian. As such, he will add a new and useful dimension to our staff’s pool of talent and expertise. Eric comes to us from American History.

It’s not just the staff that’s changing. Civil War Times herself will look a little different, starting next issue. Don’t worry, it’s nothing drastic. The magazine is just going to be a little shorter from top to bottom, as part of a move to a new printer. The staff has taken steps to make sure you’ll still get the same content you have come to expect. Once you’ve seen a couple issues at the new size, I think you’ll agree that the magazine has not shrunk in any way other than height.

The last change I want to tell you about isn’t really a change so much as a development: Carl, our managing editor, has become a book author. His book, Walking to Cold Mountain: A Journey through Civil War America, is a handsomely produced photographic overview of the people, places, and times of the Civil War, punctuated by words from writers who witnessed the earth-shaking events of the 1860s. Smithmark Publishers released the book this spring, so be sure to look for it at your local bookseller. Congratulations, Carl!

So, lots of things are changing. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that Civil War Times is still going strong. Founded in its “Illustrated” form in 1962, during the centennial that led America to rediscover her fascinating Civil War, the magazine is now in its 37th year. We’re already planning ways to make our publication more appealing and useful to you as we travel together toward the Civil War’s sesquicentennial in 2011. As for the bicentennial, well, someone else is going to have to handle that!

Jim Kushlan, Editor, Civil War Times

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