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by Fred J. Maroon, text by Suzy Maroon (Thomasson-Grant & Lickle, 192 pages, $45.00). In this beautiful, large-format book, award-winning photographer Fred J. Maroon takes the reader on a visual tour through the Supreme Court building–seat of the judicial branch of the federal government and one of the great symbols of the American system of justice–in Washington, D.C. Maroon’s stunning images demonstrate the grandeur of the last major neoclassical government building erected in the nation’s capital, while Suzy Maroon’s text traces the evolution of the Supreme Court, explaining why the Founding Fathers decided that there should be a third branch of government, equal to the executive and legislative branches; its beginning in Philadelphia; and the move to its permanent home in Washington in 1800. A section entitled “A Petition’s Progress” follows an appeal to the high court from its receipt, through the eventual argument before the court, to the judges’ ultimate opinion.