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THE CIVIL WAR IN BOOKS: AN ANALYTICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, by David J. Eicher (The University of Illinois Press, 407 pages, $39.95).

Noting the lack of a bibliography broad or current enough to provide a sufficient list of the works needed to acquire a “well-rounded, objective knowledge” of the American Civil War, Eicher offers the 1,100 most important Civil War-related works available. With a foreword by noted historian Gary W. Gallagher, seven of whose books made the list, this study includes works from every important sphere of Civil War historiography. Major sections range from “Battles and Campaigns” to”Unit Histories,” while subheadings cover “Naval Warfare,” “The Coming of the War,” “Strategy and Tactics,” and many other topics. Commentary on each book notes the strengths that resulted in its inclusion and points out any notable weaknesses.