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edited by Gary W. Gallagher (University of Nebraska Press, 620 pages, $45.00). Gallagher here combines General Robert E. Lee’s (1807-70) unpublished testimony with essays by prominent Civil War historians to offer an in-depth examination of the Confederate general’s military leadership. The book is divided into four sections: “Testimony of R. E. Lee” includes memoranda of 1868 conversations, in which the commander of the Army of Northern Virginia reveals his thoughts about many of his subordinates; “Assessments of Lee’s Overall Generalship” is composed of nine essays–including the transcript of an 1872 speech by former Confederate General Jubal A. Early (1816-94)– which evaluate Lee’s renowned capabilities and his effect on the Confederacy as a whole; “The Great Campaigns” examines General Lee’s decision making from the Seven Days’ Battles in 1862 to the Appomattox Campaign three years later; and “The Written Record” presents a bibliography of the best books written about Lee’s military career.