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Fix Bayonets: The U.S. Infantry From the American Civil War to the Surrender of Japan, by John P. Langellier, Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, Pa., 1999, $19.95.

The 16th volume in John Langellier’s wonderfully illustrated series on U.S. military forces uses black-and-white photographs, color paintings and colorized uniform prints to focus mainly on the Union Army during the American Civil War, although it also covers the Indian Wars in the Far West, the Spanish-American War of 1898 and the Philippine-American War. Five pages out of 72 are devoted to World War I, four to the interwar period of 1919­41, and another five to World War II.

As with the previous volumes, this is an interesting basic volume for history buffs and armchair historians and extremely useful for modelers, re-enactors and other hobbyists.

Blaine Taylor