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Alex in Wonderland, by Sandor (Alex) Kvassay, Westernlore Press, Tucson, Ariz., $15.95.

A soldier of fortune turned white-shirt-and-tie aviation executive–that’s the nutshell description of this autobiography. It is a story of personal peril, intrigue, globe-trotting journeys and the high-flying world of the early business jets.

Kvassay was in high school when the Germans invaded his Hungarian homeland. The story of how he outwitted the invaders, followed by their Soviet conquerors, is worthy of Hollywood. Kvassay takes the reader through youthful struggles in a Budapest under siege, secret work for military intelligence in Hungary and Turkey, a hitch in the U.S. Army and a classified post with the Pentagon, to eventual success as an international marketer of the Learjet, the fighter turned executive jet that revolutionized corporate travel.

Arthur H. Sanfelici