Nat Williams at the Microphone

Photo of the man with the glasses Nat Williams who is the Major Bowes "on Beal Street" and of the South. Williams is a very clever Negro and it is my opinion that if someone who can never discover him he will go places He writes a column on theMemphis World, a Negro newspaper, and it is a very good column. Williams had an outstanding personality very seldom found in Negroes-he knows and sees the Negroes side of life that the white man does-in other words, he sees and understands the human interest that argues the white man so much-he fights all the Negro superstitions-blasts his own race at times for their own good, and above all he is glad to be a Negro. Another shot of Nat Williams at the mike.

Tan Town Time. Memphis multimedia figure Nat D. Williams helped make WDIA a favorite among Black listeners and did the same for patent medicine Peptikon. (Bettmann/Getty Images)

Bettmann/Getty Images